Breeder’s Choice 2022 Ball Pythons (Tier 1)



Don’t miss out on this wholesale deal of our Tier 1 Ball Pythons hatched by us in 2022. This deal is breeder’s choice, meaning we will not individually photograph or send lists of available combos. The price reflects this.

Our Tier 1 Ball Pythons can include both males and females. This tier consists mainly of 2-3 gene combos.

Below are some of the genes you may receive in our Tier 1 wholesale offer (you are not guaranteed to receive any of these— these are examples of overall stock and possibilities):

  • Banana, Leopard, Champagne, Bamboo, Enchi, Butter, HRA, Genetic Stripe, Spider, Pinstripe, Mojave, HGW, Cinnamon, Spotnose, and many more

The minimum order for these is 5. Shipping will be $55 flat rate via FedEx Priority Overnight regardless of how many more are added beyond the initial 5. If combined with another wholesale offer, shipping will be charged only once.

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