SUPER Grab Bag Contest 1011

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Grab Bag #1011 –  $185 per bag

(Buy a bag, get one of the 10 following*)

A. 2021 Female Champagne Super Pastel
B. 2021 Male Banana Cinnamon
C. 2021 Female Kingpin
D. 2021 Female Moochie
E. 2021 Male Blue Eye Leucistic
F. 2021 Female Enchi Spotnose
G. 2021 Male Albino Enchi
H. 2021 Female Cinnamon Spotnose
I. 2021 Male Banana
J. 2021 Female Champagne Super Pastel

All 70-110 grams

*Each bag number is randomly preassigned to a letter before listing. The order of the bag numbers does not necessarily match the order of the letters (ex: Bag 1 does not necessarily match letter A). This contest works the same way as all the others. The only difference is the additional bags.

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