Breeder’s Choice Banana Adult Males (2-5 Gene Combos)

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These males were hatched by us between 2019-2020 and due to a surplus of boys we’ll be releasing them under this special deal! None of these animals will be single genes. Most are 3-5 gene combos and all are Banana combos. This deal is breeder’s choice, meaning we will not individually photograph or send lists of available combos. The price reflects this.

Below are some of the genes you may receive in these combos (you are not guaranteed to receive any of these– these are examples of overall stock and possibilities) As stated above, all animals will have minimum of 2 genes.  The photographs are examples of some of these males.

  • Banana, Leopard, Champagne, Enchi, Butter, HRA, Genetic Stripe, Spider,  Mojave, Black Pastel, HGW, Cinnamon, Bongo, Pastel, Spotnose and many more

The minimum order for these males is 5. Shipping will be $75 flat rate via FedEx Priority Overnight regardless of how many more are added beyond the initial 5. If combined with another wholesale offer, shipping will be charged only once.

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