• Bidding for the auction will take place in the stream chat. Bids are in increments of 10. Your bid must end in a “0” 
  • All reptiles will run ONLY ONCE. If no bids are placed, the auction price for that reptile expires once the timer runs out.

  •      When timer hits “0” in the stream, please comment “0” in the chat. This will help mitigate delay issues.

  •      All reptiles run on a 1-minute timer. The winning bid will be the last bid before the 5th consecutive “0”s in the chat. (Tip: Timing can be off due to many factors. If you are seeing “0”s in the chat before the stream clock shows “0”. Keep track of the time difference on the clock and that will be your guide for “0” on your stream. For example if you start seeing “0”s with 7 seconds left on stream clock, your “0” is at 7 seconds so a bid with 8-9 seconds left on stream clock will get you closest to last bid.)

  •      Auctioneer calls the winning bid. Due to delays, we will have several devices running at once to ensure the auction’s integrity.

  •          Shipping is $55. You can combine multiple winnings into one shipping charge.

  •          Upon winning, please comment your Instagram username/handle in the chat. If you don’t have one, please comment with your email.

  •      Please register at dreptiles.com/auction so we have your contact information ready to send you a link to pay for your winnings.

  •      For each auction won, an individual product will be created on our website with the winner’s username. Just add to cart and check out. If you have registered on our site, we will send you a direct link.

  •      All payments will be processed via our site. We accept credit cards, paypal, venmo and pay with four.

  •      Please take screenshots of your win(s). 
Auction registration
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