All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and properly sexed. If there is any problems or not 100% satisfied with the purchase, please contact us within 24 hours of arrival. (Always take pics of your new arrival for any future reference)

Shipping (Domestic):

  • When an order is placed we will contact you within 12hrs to schedule shipping. We require explicit written confirmation that the proposed shipping/arrival days work for you in order to ship out. Same-day replies must come in by 1:00 PM EST in order to ship out that day.
  • Animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. 
  • We ship Monday – Thursday excluding holidays which FedEx observes. Our cut off time for same day shipping is 1:00 PM EST. (Thursday shipping will be limited to hub pick up and will have to go through Memphis sorting hub, contact us for more info).  
  • We will only ship orders to your door when overnight temperature lows at the destination are above 40F degrees and daytime highs below 90F degrees. We can ship to your local FedEx hub for pick up if ONLY if overnight lows are above 30F. If temperatures are beyond those limits we hold and care for your animal(s) until shipping temperatures are available. All shipping remains at our discretion for the health and safety of the animals.
  • Shipping on all other reptiles, grab bags, wholesale offers, and sale items will be $55 unless otherwise stated on the product description.
  • Live arrival guaranteed. We guarantee live arrival on all of our shipments and make sure that all snakes are properly shipped in appropriate packaging with heating or cooling elements.
  • Live arrival guarantee will be voided if customer (you) is not present for first attempted delivery by FedEx, making changes to shipment without consulting with us first or providing incorrect delivery address.
  • Customer is responsible to know their local laws in keeping selected reptile.
  • If there is any special request regarding delivery, please notify us in the note section on the checkout page or contact us directly via email or phone.

Shipping (International/Export):

  • International orders require a 30% non-refundable deposit to hold your order. Buyer is responsible for all processing fees. (CITES paperwork, inspections, health certificate, broker fees and freight.). Complete payment must be made the week before shipping.
  • Cost of freight to Canada, most South American, European and Asian countries will run about $350 under 30 kilos. We use an assortment of airline carriers and will find one that will suit best for shipping. The additional charges for export will be US fish & wildlife inspection $186 for non cites orders and $279 for cites orders, brokerage fee $200, health certificate $135 and USDA stamp $65.
  • On all appendix 2 Cites animals we produce there will be a $100 application fee and will take about 1-3 months to receive cites permit.
  • Payments: Bank transfers only.


  • When receiving your reptile from us please send us a photo of the reptile within 24 hours to ensure both parties have proof of how the condition of the reptile is received. You can send that to sales@dynastyreptiles.com. Please keep the box and contents for 2 weeks in case a return needs to be made.
  • We cannot guarantee the temperament of the reptiles we sell. You can request for us to make an assessment on the temperament of a reptile you are interested in. We will advise with the best judgement but keep in mind the way we handle a snake or lizard might be different than how you would, so our results might not be the same. 
  • Every reptile for sale on this site is the exact snake shown on the image. Please note that we have numerous amount of reptiles for sale on this site. Some photos could be a little older as we add 50-75 new listing every 10-14 days. If you would like to get an accurate idea of the snake, it would be best to contact us and provide the sku# of the snake.
  • We may request ID verification via email for transactions above $500 or where the billing and shipping information doesn’t match.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to do the research necessary on any animal being purchased. This includes but isn’t limited to issues that certain genes may carry. As it is well known in the Ball Python hobby, several genes can exhibit neurological issues. The most prevalent being the wobble or corkscrew exhibited by some snakes carrying the following genes: Spider, Spotnose, Woma, HGW, Champagne, and many other combos. By purchasing a genetic morph you agree and understand that animals which have been genetically designed to look that way are all capable of exhibiting issues associated with genetic mutations. 
  • Issues: As stated above if you have any concern with the reptile you received within the first 24 hours let us know and we will go over the issue. If there is any concern you have with the reptile you received at any point, it’s always best to send us an email the day you observe the issue even if it’s something minuscule. That way we have record on email if we need to reference an issue at a later time. However, sending notice is not enough– if we ask for further details (photos, videos, information, etc.) they must be provided in a timely manner in order for us to assist you. 
  • Returns: We strive to send quality reptiles to avoid any returns. If there is something wrong with the reptile you received within the first 24 hours, received an incorrect reptile or after communications regarding an issue that never got resolved, we will cover the shipping charges on the return. Any other return that we accept that does not fit in the above requirement will require shipping charges to be covered by the buyer. Those shipping charges are for the shipping to the customer and shipping charges to return to us. (This goes for items with free shipping as a shipping charge has been paid). Shipping charges will vary depending on location.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your snake not eating, contact us. We will ask for a variety of information on current care and once we have it we will guide you through the steps to get your snake feeding again. 


  • Canceled orders prior to shipping will be charged a $10 on regular orders, $25 for grab bags, and $25 for wholesale offers.

Payment Plans:

  • We offer 30 or 60 day plans. The 30 day plan requires a 25% deposit and the remaining balance to be paid off within 30 days. The 60 day plan is available for orders over $500. A 25% deposit is required and from the remaining balance, 2 equal payments would be needed on the 30th and 60th day of the payment plan. If you have any other questions please let us know.
  • Deposit will be forfeited on payment plans that are not completed. If deposit is forfeited, customer can use the deposit amount on a future purchase at full price within a four month period of initial deposit.

Grab Bag Contest:

  • Each contest will consist of three bags for three different snakes. Cost of each bag will vary depending on the contest. The image of the three snake in each contest will be the exact snakes offered. The contest runs until all 3 bags have been sold. If you are impatient on knowing what you won, you will get an order form emailed to you immediately after purchase. It will have a link to an image letting you know which snake you have won. But if you want the excitement of seeing your new pet when you open the bag, I would ignore it ;).
  • Shipping on the grab bag will be $55. Customer can combine other contest winning for only one shipping charge or can combine with any regular Ball Python order for free shipping. Shipping terms are the same as everything on our site. Please see terms for more info.
  • Canceled Grab bags will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

Sales and Special Offers:

  • From time to time we have sales and special offers. We notify customers that subscribe on our newsletter first and also post updates on our Facebook/Instagram accounts. The animals that have any sales logo do not include free shipping. Shipping is $55 for those items. You will only be charged one shipping fee if multiple items are purchased. Free shipping only applies to regular priced Ball Pythons, Does not apply to grab bags, colubrids, other pythons, boas, or geckos.
  • On special offers for regular priced items with percentage discount, those items will include Free Shipping on Ball Pythons. Any other species shipping will be $55. Use code provided for that promotion.
  • No payment plans available on any Sales and Special Offer items.
  • No coupon codes applicable to wholesale offers.